Halloween Pop Up Party Ideas

by Jess MillionMoments, A Million Moments


It is almost time for Halloween, and we are getting super excited around here! Every October my house is full on Halloween central, and we spend the month dressing up, crafting, and partying all in the name of the most fun holiday around. This year, we are kicking things off with an adorable pop up party to get into the spooky spirit of the season and have some fun! It was very simple to put together, and with a few adorable diy touches and fun activities it ended up being the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the kids!


When thinking about our party I knew I wanted it to be vibrant, festive, and crafty so I went with a few fun DIY stations and simple refreshments. For snacks and drinks I chose a Halloween party mix (recipe coming soon) and Tum-E Yummies which the kids love. They are fruit flavored water beverages and come in 5 different flavors: Very Berry Blue, Greentastic Apple, Fruitabulous Punch, Orange-arific, and Sour-sational Raspberry. Hydration is super important, and I love that they have 100% daily value of vitamin C, B6, and B12 with just 50 calories and 13 grams of sugar per bottle. They also have spill proof caps which is a major plus for the kids.


The small bottles and fun colors made them absolutely perfect for our party, and I used them as part of a “make your own monster” station which was probably the coolest part of the whole setup.


For the monster station, the kids chose accessories to glue onto pre-cut monsters and Tum-E Yummies bottles. I had tape, glue sticks, stick on eyeballs, bats, horns, wings, and all kinds of other features to choose from to make their monsters with. I also whipped up a super cute sign, which you can download and print out here.


The kids had a blast making their monsters, and loved showing them off!

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Aren’t they adorable? You can make monster features with almost anything – foam, felt, card stock, and more. If you make your own, you can draw them out or use clipart, then tape or glue them on.


For the other party stations and activities, I had a dress up basket to use in a photo booth, some cute candy corn cauldrons, stick on tattoos, wood painting crafts, and of course goodie bags! Photo booths are super fun, and they are great ways to get kids in a super silly mood! With everything being digital these days, it would be cute to print out photo booth shots and stick them in goody bags for the kids to take home if you are hosting a party with guests.

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We had such a great time, and I can’t wait to do more as we get into the rest of the month! Want to pick up Tum-E Yummies for yourself? They are available in all US states in convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores, and mass merchandisers. Fore more Halloween party ideas, follow Tum-E Yummies on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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