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Create-A-Butterfly Station Springtime Party Ideas

Here in the south, the weather has been teasing us of spring’s impending arrival. My children enjoy all spring activities. From planting flowers to springtime showers, they relish in warmer weather and the newness of the season. One of their favorite activities is chasing butterflies. Even my boys enjoy chasing butterflies. We have butterfly nets, and they each see who can catch one first. They squeal with delight when they are able to catch a butterfly in their net and then watch it fly away.

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Funky Flower Vase Plastic Bottle Craft for Kids

With Earth Day coming up in April, Spring is the perfect time of year to do some fun recycled crafts with the kids. And with my kids’ love for Tum-E Yummies, our recycling bin always has some plastic bottles for a fun plastic bottle craft.

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