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Tum-E Yummies and talented mom bloggers are teaming up to inspire you! Get creative with family-friendly activities, DIY projects, tips, and more.

DIY Spooky Mystery Boxes

It's time to get a little spooky! Create these mystery boxes, then blindfold someone and have them guess what scary item they’re touching.

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Handmade Grandparents Day Frames

The best parents get promoted to grandparents! Your kids can show their grandparents how special they are with this fun fingerpaint photo craft that's a great gift for Grandparents Day this Sunday!

Easy Fruit Gummy Lunchbox Snack Recipe for Kids

If your kids like fruit flavored snacks, they'll love these fruit flavored gummies made with Tum-E Yummies . The best part is they're a breeze to make requiring just the Tum-E Yummies vitamin water and gelatin.

Trailblazing Trail Mix

Just in time for National Trail Mix Day--how to make the perfect trail mix for the trailblazers in your family!

Mermaid Lemonade

Do you have any mermaid fans in your house? Whip up this tropical mermaid lemonade with Sour-sational Raspberry Tum-E Yummies and your favorite lemonade.

How to Make Lunchtime Fun

To celebrate heading back to school, we decided to get a little creative with his lunches to help make lunchtime more fun.

Homemade Kinetic Sand

Want all the fun of the beach without sand in the car and sunscreen in their eyes? This DIY rainbow kinetic sand project is for you!

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