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Tum-E Yummies and talented mom bloggers are teaming up to inspire you! Get creative with family-friendly activities, DIY projects, tips, and more.

Birdseed Treat

Hang these 3-ingredient birdseed treats outside in a spot where your kids can watch for birds to come eat!

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Grinch Slushie

If you thought curling up on the couch together to watch family holiday movies couldn't get any better, you should make these Grinch-themed slushies! Whip them up in your blender and serve with a festive straw to add some extra fun to movie night!

How to Engage Your Kids in Game Night

As kids grow older, they may not always want to do things with their parents. If you’re struggling to find ways to engage them in game night, I’ve partnered with Tum-E Yummies to share tips on how. Family game night is a great way to put down the devices and engage the whole family into connecting with each other.

How to Survive the Holidays

Have you counted the number of weekends until Thanksgiving? Christmas? My boys do that for me. My palms are sweating and my mom-brain is shrieking, “It can’t be!” But this year I have a new strategy to keep everyone at their thankful, merry best—including me!

DIY Hanukkah Menorah

Get your family excited for Hanukkah with this DIY menorah you and your children can make from an old toy!

Simple Royal Icing Recipe

This simple royal icing recipe is SO ridiculously easy to make! No egg whites, no meringue powder, just four simple ingredients whipped up with a hand or stand mixer, means you can get down to decorating cookies with your kids with less mess and fuss…

Greentastic Apple Cider

Cider weather has arrived! Warm up with our delicious apple cider recipe that's almost as easy to make as it is to enjoy. Throw all the ingredients in your slow cooker and you're good to go!

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