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Tum-E Yummies and talented mom bloggers are teaming up to inspire you! Get creative with family-friendly activities, DIY projects, tips, and more.

Father’s Day Fishing Pole

A Father's Day project for you and your kids. A bamboo fishing pole!

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The BEST Creamy Pasta Salad

This is The BEST Creamy Pasta Salad ever, loaded with bacon and cheese! Our favorite side dish for spring and summer, and great for potlucks and cookouts!

Monster Bookmarks

Looking for a fun family craft? Our kids loved these design-your-own corner bookmarks. Don’t forget the snacks and Tum-E Yummies!

Recycled Bottle Planters

Celebrate Earth Day as a family this weekend by turning your Tum-E Yummies bottles into these cute plastic bottle planters! Once you finish, submit a picture or short video on our Facebook page and include the phrase "Give Back Sweeps". You could win a 1-month supply of Tum-E Yummies and $1,000 gift card!

DIY Birthday Party Drink Charms

DIY Birthday Party Drink Charms are a fun way for kids to keep track of their drink during parties and also make a fun keepsake!

DIY Crayons

Think twice before you buy new crayons! Instead, collect your broken ones and make them new again with this simple craft.

Create-A-Butterfly Station Springtime Party Ideas

Here in the south, the weather has been teasing us of spring’s impending arrival. My children enjoy all spring activities. From planting flowers to springtime showers, they relish in warmer weather and the newness of the season. One of their favorite activities is chasing butterflies. Even my boys enjoy chasing butterflies. We have butterfly nets, and they each see who can catch one first. They squeal with delight when they are able to catch a butterfly in their net and then watch it fly away.

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