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Awesome Smoothie Recipe

by: Katie,

Besides spring, do you know what season it is? Race season.

For a momma that is just getting back into her routine of exercising and more mindful eating, this is a big deal. It’s time for me to take my runs off of the treadmill and get behind the jogging stroller. It’s time. For our first family (of five) 5K.

I’m so excited to participate in the Color Vibe Run, which is being held on Saturday March 28th at Concord Mills, and is sponsored by Tum-E Yummies. I’ve always wanted to do a race where you get coated in color, and I think my kids and husband will be equally thrilled with the opportunity to participate.

The course, which is around the Concord Mills Mall, promises to be a colorful mess!


I have one heckuva Strawberry-Banana-Kiwi Smoothie recipe that I love because it makes me feel full, and has plenty of protein, but doesn’t weigh me down. It’s a pretty breakfast and you should definitely pin this or print this off so you can whip one of these up. Really, really good.

Step 1

To a blender add two cups of chopped strawberries, two frozen bananas, and two kiwis, peeled.

Step 2

Add in one cup of plain Greek yogurt, and a drizzle of honey (to taste).

Step 3

Blend until smooth and serve to your pre-race crew of runners!