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Color Your World Kit

by: Brandy,

Our family is participating in the Color Vibe 5k run this Saturday in Sacramento! We’ve been looking for a fun family-friendly race to do with the kids and when we mentioned “getting blasted with colored chalk” the kids were SOLD. We’ve been busy getting our Color Your World kit ready for the big day, everything we will need to have some fun in the sun!

We don’t expect any of the kids to run the entire race, but we would like them to run what they can. We’ve been using the Couch to 5K app on our phone to get the family moving and the kids have done a great job. Small increments make it much less daunting for those little legs.


Our ‘Color Your World’ kit was a lot of fun to put together.

Step 1

White shirts, glasses, hats, snacks, water bottles, etc.

Step 2

White shirts are a MUST for a color run since the chalk shows up nice and bright on them! I also found colored sunglasses for everyone on e-bay in the kids’ favorite colors!

Step 3

I’m bringing water bottles and Tum-E Yummies to help us stay hydrated. Tum-E Yummies is a line of fruit-flavored, non-carbonated drinks for kids, providing 100% daily value of vitamins C, B6, and B12, all in a fun spill-proof sports cap bottle so it is perfect for on-the-go fun.