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Diary of a Stay at Home Mom’s Kit

by: Agnes,

I have only done one 5K in the past but it was so much fun that this time I’m getting my whole family on board. To make it even more exciting, we are going to do the Color Vibe Run this Sunday!!


We have been busy getting ready and putting together our “gear”. We have a good start but still need a couple more items to complete our color kit.

We still have some items that we need to add, like long tube socks and crazy sunglasses but we’re getting there.

My kids came up with our team name, we are the #ColorSelfies!! Let’s not forget something to quench our thirst after the run, some Tum-E Yummies!!

We will be running in the Chicago Color Vibe run this Sunday and we would love to see you there! Color Vibe and Tum-E Yummies can make that happen!