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DIY Photo Album

by: Jamie,

One of our favorite things to do last year, as a family, was to run the Color Vibe 5K in Arlington. We aren’t a running family, at ALL, but taking this challenge on together was a total blast! I wanted to make sure to treasure this memory for all of us to see, other than in a blog post, so I created this DIY photo album scrapbook for all of us to enjoy at home.

I used to be an avid scrapbooker before I started a blog because I loved capturing our memories and documenting them in books with pictures and pretty accessories. I wanted to share them and hated that they usually just sat on the bookshelf in our house, never seen. Once I got busy as a blogger, I pretty much quit scrapbooking. The pages took me too long to create and it became an expensive hobby. At the time, my blog was free, and I could share our stories quickly and easily over the Internet.

I love my blog and love sharing our family stories here, but I’ve started realizing unless our kids are searching on the Internet, they won’t see the stories I share about us. We often go back to those scrapbooks I quit making several years ago and love reflecting on those fun times. I need to get better about having our family stories available for our kids to see, here, at home.

Because we’re partnering with Tum-E Yummies again and running in the Color Vibe 5K (YAY!) in less than two weeks, I wanted to make sure I had our memories documented in my DIY Photo Album, while also leaving room for the memories we’ll be making this year! Because of my love for scrapbooking over the years, it was pretty easy for me to fall in love with smashbooking!


Smashbooking is similar to scrapbooking but with so much more flexibility! I actually think the messier the page looks, the better job you’ve done at “smashing.” 🙂 There’s no planning the layout and creating the page. It’s basically journaling and documenting memories with memorabilia, on the go! It’s perfect for me, the girl who wants to document the memories but doesn’t have a ton of time to make things pretty and perfect!

Step 1

I found this SMASH book at Michaels (can also be bought on Amazon) and an accessory pack to go along with it. I love that each SMASH book comes with a multipurpose pen, too! One end has a pen for journaling and doodling and the other end has glue for “smashing” your pictures, magazine clippings, accessories, etc.

Step 2

You can start with a blank page and let your creativity take over. Because I was once an avid scrapbooker, I have plenty of embellishments/accessories to jazz SMASH book pages up. However, it’s definitely not necessary to have a lot of supplies on hand.

One of my favorite things about smashbooking is there really are no rules! Just make sure to leave enough room for all of the pictures you want to include! In my case, there are usually many!

Step 3


I created these two spreads from our Color Vibe 5K experience and they took me all of 20 minutes! The only things I added aside from the accessory pack I bought were stickers and washi tape I already had.