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Staying Hydrated and Colorful

by: Jeanine,

Now that the weather has warmed up and families are active and spending more time outdoors, it is the perfect time to think fitness and look for fun ways to do things together outdoors! Headed to Philly this weekend is the popular 5K series, Color Vibe. At this race you can either run, walk, or dance your way to the finish line and your and your friends become a walking canvas by the end of the event.


Step 1

In anticipation of this weekend’s race, my kindergarten age son and I put together a Color Your World kit of items he wanted to have for Saturday! He plans on zooming to the finish line but at the same time wanted to make sure he was ready for baseball later that day and not covered head to toe!

Step 2

To replenish and hydrate when we get home, he has Tum-E Yummies Greentastic Apple (because green is cool, mom!), which has 100% of his daily value of Vitamin C, B6 and B 12. We paired it with an apple cinnamon fruit strip that is made with natural ingredients. It’s a simple snack that he can eat on the way home in the car too without any mess!

Step 3

Because every party must end sometime, we have him lined up with a Cars themed bath loofa, shampoo and body wash. After the 5K, my little guy will be all set with this kit! I can only imagine how colorful my kids will look after visiting the Color Zone and dance party!