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Snacking Smart for Sports

Thank you to Tum-E Yummies for sponsoring today’s post! My kids can’t get enough of them!

Spring is here and one of my favorite times of the year - BASEBALL SEASON! With practices twice a week and games most weekends, we're at the field.

Being a baseball mom on the go, I am always looking for more ideas to keep my kids hydrated and for snacks to prepare for our busy weekends. From packing for the girls while we watch their brother play ball, to taking drinks and snacks for team practices, I need to be prepared!

Hydration first. One of our favorite ways to stay hydrated is with Tum-E Yummies! They're great for on the go!

Tum-E Yummies is a fruit flavored water drink for kids that comes in five flavors:

My kids love them all! AND the kids on the ball team love when we bring extras to share!

All Tum-E Yummies flavors have 100% daily value vitamin C, B6, B12 and only 50 calories and 13g of sugar. They also have no sodium and a spill-proof sports cap - perfect for the field!

Of course, we can’t forget the snacks, for your own kids and for the team! Who doesn’t love awesome snacks?! I know that my kids do!

Besides tasting good, snacks are great for providing energy to help working muscles power through activity, supplying fluids for hydration and to keep the body cool, and promoting recovery after hard exercise.

Depending on what time of day you need to have snacks for, will determine how much or little you give the kiddos.

Here's 20 Snack Ideas that can work anytime of the day and keep everyone fueled up and happy!

20 Snack Ideas for Kid's Sports

Besides food, make sure to have lots of bottles of cold water and flavored water drinks available at all times. Keeping hydrated, whether you're playing sports or watching them, is important!

Being prepared with some fun-fueling snacks and delicious drinks can make for a really great ball field experience on those long, hot days! For more Spring sports ideas, follow Tum-E Yummies on Facebook , Instagram, and Pinterest!

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